Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Sunday at GSG Famers' Market!

After a busy holiday weekend, Ted, Jim and I showed up early at the garden to harvest tons of mustard greens, cabbage leaves, lettuce heads, some beets, a bit of kale, herbs, zucchini blossoms, and radishes to take over to Grand Street Gardens (2200 W. Grand Ave.), along with a lots of recently harvested peas.  

We arrived to find out that we were the only garden that came to sell today.  We set up right on the corner in full view of the street.  The garden center was so kind to give us a few accents- a pretty mat and umbrella, some flower bouquets, and pots for our radishes and greens to rest in.  
We sat out at the table from about 9 AM-12 PM and encouraged cars, kids, joggers, gardeners, dog-walkers, etc. to come buy our vegetables.  One woman who bought a bag of peas and a head of lettuce said she would be back next Sunday!  Another man happened to have a plot at Frankie Machine Garden, and was very supportive of our endeavor.  Market traffic was a bit slow on our first day, but we still enjoyed the experience and look forward to more summer Sundays at Grand Street Gardens.  

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